Will my cat be ok in a cattery?

Me Asked: Will my cat be ok in a cattery?

This is the first time I've gone away for longer than one night since I split up with my ex partner, and I've nobody to look after my cat (we always went away separately, not for the cats sake but to avoid arguing!!). A neighbour has offered to feed him each day, but is allergic to cats so won't gt physically close, which doesn't give him the amount of fuss he's used to, but at least he'll be in familiar surroundings. The alternative is a cattery, and I've found a really nice one (by my standards, not the cat's), but since my cat will sulk in next doors garden for three days after even going to the vets, I don't know how well he will cope in a cattery. He's 12 and even though I've had him for 10 years, he's stillreally scared and timid, because he was badly treated before I got him.
Anybody else had any experiences of this, and what they've done in the end?


Mamma Cat Answered:
Please go with your neighbor.A dog needs human companion as they are pack animals.Cats are not.They are territorial.They want their home.A cat of 12 years wants his space.The neighbor won't pet the cat, but could talk to the cat and then gone off.
I might get a bunch of thumbs down, but cats want their home, not human companion as much.As long as they see someone feeding them that is okay.
If you take your cat to a cattery it will be exposed to other cats illness.
My cats are always left at home with the care of a generous neighbor.But it is reciprocal.All the cats are happy and doing fine.

lea Answered:
I think its best if you let your neighbour look after him, he wont get fuss in the cattery either and they may treat him mean you never know. He will be better off in his usual surroundings just get him some catnip he will be ok.

Wee Trojan Answered:
go with whatever makes the cat happy – give neighbour those disposable facemasks for when dealing with cat.

lyndimsbcglobalnet Answered:
A cattery is a breeder… Not a kennel. Do you have a purebred cat?

MalMonroe Answered:
I agree with the other comments here. Your cat is 12, so he won't be wanting to play and get up to mischief, as a kitten would. But he'll be far happier in his own home than in a cattery. Catteries are okay but cats don't have much room, they can hear and smell other cats they don't know and the humans are all strangers to them too. I looked at a cattery online and it announced proudly that litter trays were emptied once each day. My cat uses her litter tray about four times in a day! And she won't use it if it isn't cleaned out each time. So that'd be a big worry for me, if I left her there. When all is said and done, catteries are businesses, they don't love and pamper our cats as we do.

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