What is this girl getting at here?

MOD COD Asked: What is this girl getting at here?

Basically, I was doing some volunteering at the RSPCA Center in Shrewsbery.
There was this girl there who I like. She's 15 years old. I haven't talked to her before, but she is in my collage- in two of my classes. Any way, we were walking these twin dogs yesterday and I walked up next to her and said, oh ur in my Literature class aren't u. She then said, "Oh, I think so. I think i'm in your Maths class too." So we were talking as we were walking these dogs and I asked her if she had any dogs, and she said no because she has two cats. She was saying that she had walked all of the mad dogs so far as well.
She was smiling as we were walking, but there wasn't much eye contact. She was quite cheerful and happy as well. I don't know if she likes me or not, or if she is just being friendly.
Please let me know what you think. 🙂

Today however, I was in the Cattery helping out with the cats and she came in with her gran. She didn't really come up to me at all.(Just the cats.). Any way, I was in the kennels after that, and she came in, to put a dog away in it's kennel. She was talking to it and all of that and then she came over to the dog I had and said, "awww. This ones so cute isn't she." Then, later on, I was in the cattery sorting out some sheets, and she came in and said, "Hi. You alright- in a kind of girly voice if you know what I mean. I said hi and asked her how she was doing and we were chatting about animals and whether or not she wanted to come again and stuff like that. She seemed to be enjoying talking to me, although, as we were talking, she was walking around looking at cats and I was folding sheets. She was answering back with no short- yes or no answers. Also, every time I made a sarcastic remark, she would chuckle and all of that. Then she said, "any way, I gotta go now, so I'll see you soon.". I said cya and she went. Then she came back about half an hour later and said, "hello, back again!", but then realized that my dad was stood next to me and she carried on smiling and turned around and went back out.
and lastly:

What will a girl say or do if she doesn't like you, but she is being friendly about it?

10 Points for whoever can give me the most honest and descriptive answer that answers all of what I've asked. Plus, i'll answer your question too. Just let me know in your answer if you want me too.

Thanks. 🙂


Molly Answered:
those are deffinite signs that she may be falling for you and forsure like you!

Joannaaox Answered:
Well you seem to both have quite a bit in common, the volunteering and the lessons you're in together, so she might be falling for you. Maybe you should just go for it and ask her out? Then you'll be able to see what happens from there!

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