Siberian cattery can shipping out?

Happy Asked: Siberian cattery can shipping out?

Any one knows cattery selling Siberian cats with shipping to Dubai??


Mercy Mercy Mr Percy Answered:
1.Don't deal with them unless you have to.Find out from your vet how to contact them.It's probably Home Again or AVID.Let the vet scan the cat and help you contact the microchip company to register.My girlfriend found a dog that was microchipped but not registered so she kept the dog and registered him herself.You don't need the other people.

2.When you want to leave a job, any job volunteer or paid, you owe them a 2-week notice if at all possible.Never do it verbally.Always give them a written letter saying this is your notice and then follow up with an e-mail.At least with an e-mail you have proof it went and the date and if you set up your e-mail program also a notice when they open it.

Since this was strictly volunteer don't even put it on your resume and nobody can create problems for you.

Mircat Answered:
Why don't you make an appointment with the vet to have your cat microchipped?Avoid the people who gave you so much trouble.
Actually they can't demand her back and if they say they want her back you can say no.I doubt they could or would do this.
If you are really worried go elsewhere to have her rechipped.

Bonnie Angel Answered:
You'd be better off changing microchip details yourself. Can't you get the cat's microchip documents from these people? Just phone them and ask them for the documents. Why would they ask for the cat back after she's been with you for so long? And they seem to have enough animals to look after already! They're not going to want an extra one. Go for it. Even if they DO ask for her back, you can say NO.

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