Rough estimate – electricity in outbuilding?

ferretcharlie Asked: Rough estimate – electricity in outbuilding?

I'm hoping to start a cattery in the near future and am currently putting together a budget. How much would it cost (roughly!) to install electricity to an outside wooden construction? I'd ideally also like to have a socket fitted externally to the building for use in a lean-to greenhouse.

My partner and I have never had any electrical work done so a ball-park figure will stop us getting ripped off.

I'm in the UK.

Thank you!


Girlie Electrics Answered:
How much power will you need out there?
Are you talking about a light,a light and one socket?, a light, five heaters, a freezer, a water heater and a half dozen sockets?

How far from the existing supply to the shed?

How recent are the consumer units/ fuses in the house?

vinny Answered:
How long is a piece of string? Assume 30 metres of 3 core SWA cable buried underground, 25 amp MCB at source of supply, local consumer unitwith RCD and MCB protection in the cattery, lights, sockets, outside weatherproof socket, Certificate and Building Control notification for compliance with Part P, 500 and upwards. Alternatively, do what half the country do, throw out a 2.5 3-core flex with a 4-way extension on the end, and say nothing.

grandad Answered:
Nice one Grandad, but I'd say more to the tune of 3 days work plus materials, 1080.

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