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Undecided Question: starting small pet boarding?

pipthehamster Asked: Undecided Question: starting small pet boarding?

I'm 14 (nearly 15) and live in Dublin. I have a passion for small animals and aspire to becoming a vet when finished school. I have just gotten my summer holidays and I'm looking for a way to earn some money. I was thinking that I could combine the time of year with my love of small animals and start up a small pet boarders for families with hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits etc. where they could leave their little pet for a week or two while they go on holiday. I think it's somewhat of a gap in the market because, although there are plenty of kennels and catteries, there is no where for a guinea pig or a rabbit to stay, apart from the neighbour next door or the loving relative.

It would be a temporary thing for about two months, just until the end of the summer. I was thinking of making posters with my number on them and all the details of my service, to attract pet owners. Because I'm relatively broke, I was thinking that in order to have your pet stay, you'd have to bring the housing, food and toys with you (or anything else your pet might need) so I don't have to buy the necessary equipment. I realise I'd probably have to buy some second-hand hutches for rabbits and guinea pigs, but apart from that, is it ok to ask the owner to supply everything? I would also throw in some extra "free" treats, like all the veg and some of the toys.

I have a relatively small garden, with a small patch of grass, but have a large modern shed, with insulation and a heater. I was thinking of keeping rabbits and guinea pigs in here, then keep hamsters, gerbils, mice etc. in the house. I am aware of care requirements for all the animals I have mentioned and even have my own website on hamsters! (www.thehamsterplace.com – feel free to visit!) And I'll have an adult in the house, pretty much the whole time while keeping the pets, so the actual caring of the animals isn't really an issue. I have knowledge and experience with small animals and they are a true passion of mine.

I suppose the questions I'm really asking are:
-Is any of this even possible?
-Will I need insurance or any legal documents to do this? Even if it's just for two months?
-If I do need any of the above, please specify (remember I live in ireland, so make sure it's under Irish law etc.)
-How much should I charge per night/per animal?
-Is there anything else I'd need to buy apart from a few rabbit hutches and maybe a playpen for the animals? There are plenty of rooms in my house that are safe for little critters to explore, as I let my hamsters wander around all the time.
-Is it ok to let the owner supply everything, since they have it anyway?

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Posted by admin - July 3, 2012 at 1:45 pm

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Kennel/Cattery boarding procedures for following scenarios?

Lauren Asked: Kennel/Cattery boarding procedures for following scenarios?

What kennel/cattery boarding procedure would take place if these emergency situations were to happen?
Death of an animal (an elderly cat)
Animal first aid emergency (dogs paw being cut during walk and is bleeding profusely)
An ill animal (dog displaying symptoms of kennel cough)
A customer complaint (cannot take on dog as kennels are full)

It would be really useful if you could include any paper work or additional services required

Thanks will vote best answer!

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Posted by admin - June 21, 2012 at 9:36 pm

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How do you deter a nuisance cat?

me Asked: How do you deter a nuisance cat?

This cat is really doing my head in!!!!

I want to deter a cat without deterring my own cat, is that possible?

My cat is almost 15 years old and she's having a hard time fending off a cat that's turned up in the last 18 months or so.
This cat is spraying all over the place, and THE worst thing is that it keeps crapping not only in the garden but on the fff'ing doorstep!It's such a depressing sight to come home to, and especially as I pray the postie hasn't seen it..

There's no point in contacting the owner about it because the owner is family.I refuse to kick off a family rift from something so silly.

I wanted to catch the cat and take it to a cattery, pleading ignorance that I know where it lives.But the cat keeps running away like it knows it shouldn't be there.So I can't catch it.

I've never had any cat trouble until now.. grr.Not even my dogs are putting it off!

I'm considering rubbing oranges or something my doorstep but alas that'd make it sticky and my own cat would be raging!

Can anybody help me please!?!?

HUGE thanks to the person with the remedy!


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Undecided Question: What should I do to regain my kitten’s trust?

Farah Asked: Undecided Question: What should I do to regain my kitten’s trust?

Hi. Okay this will be a long and winded story of mine but I REALLY need your help. I adopted a kitten around 4 months ago. He is male, grey coloured and domestic short haired kitten and I named him Onyx (not because he is black but because I fancy that name). When I first adopted him from a friend of mine, I took him directly to the vet (blame me as a student cause I have to rent a car purposely to get him and it is not cheap so I have no time and money to rent more than a day) for the routine checkup (ie antibody injection, deworming etc.) Then, I took him home & I let him roam around the room but I just stayed there for the rest of the day; not touching him cause he is super scared and he was super quiet. He was okay and he was already toiled trained so everything was good. After three weeks, when he can go outside of the house (he was confined to the room because of the injection) he suddenly started to poop outside of his litter box. The first time it happened I can manage it. I googled for the answer, call the vet and read up all the info on why he did what he did and such. I even changed and throw away everything and even prepare new litter sand for him every single day cause he is quite fussy at that time. And he was okay after that. BUT, a week later, he started to do it again. This time he did his business on my duvet. I tried to tolerate with him, wash the duvet and changed the cover. A few days after the duvet was completely dried, he did it again. This time I lost it. I went berserk. I basically throw the duvet on the floor, kicked the bed and yelled at him. Not a pretty sight or the right thing to do but I was pissed off (sorry for being human). Then the final straw was when he did it again the day after that (after I washed, changed the cover and even ripped some of the duvet cause it got stuck on the washing machine) and I again, lost it. This time I sent him out from the house and locked the door. But I opened the door a few hours later and coaxed him. He seemed pretty fine and even let me cuddle and pet him a few days after that because before this he NEVER lets me touch him. When he was around 3 months old, I have to go to a camp for two weeks and that was the first time he had to stay in the cattery. But because it was a public holiday, he was sent there by my friend on the day after my flight to Auckland. Meaning that I didnt sent him there because I cant send him earlier as it was a long weekend before that and the day after I flew to Auckland all my friends will be away for holiday. So he stayed there for two weeks and right after I arrived home, I went to the cattery and took him home. He was SUPER scared when I first looked at him at the cattery. It was like he never seen me before. He looks at me like I was a stranger and he reeks of urine which is weird cause he is one helluva fussy and clean kitten. I have to sent off my friends who were carpooling with me and when I stopped at my friend's house, he got out from the cage (one of the screw was missing) and hide in the bushes. I have hold him real tight just to let put him back in the cage (my other friends are scared of cats so he have to be in the cage). He was breathing fast and seriously scared and it breaks my heart. So when I arrived home, I did what I did when I first have him. I just watched and let him gets familiar with the room. That night he seemed alright and for the first time, he went in my duvet and sleep with me. Today he is already 4 moths plus (going 5) and he got stuck outside a neighbour's fence and he cant come over because it was already dark. He is scared of the dark and at first I didnt go and look for him because he usually come back late if he didnt come home by 4pm but when it was already 9pm I got scared and called him. He answered back and I climbed my neighbour's fence to get him but I was greeted with the same scared look that I got when i first put him in the cattery. He didnt recognized me and I have to hold him real tight to walk back to my house. He was scared and I dont know why. and he is super jumpy. He is easily surprised with just me touching him when he is daydreaming.Plus, he never lie on his belly and I read that if cat lie on their back and sleep with their belly up front, it means that they trust you but he never do that. So did it mean that he didnt trust me? How can I gain or regain his trust? [P/S: but he sleeps with me in my duvet every night and I am the only one that can lift him up, cuddle and hug him so I am really confused now. What does that means if he didnt trust me?]


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Posted by admin - June 16, 2012 at 1:24 am

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How to get over my cat?

Charlotte Asked: How to get over my cat?

My mom got a cat just before I was born and she is called LuLu. We love her very much and she loves us too. Over the past six months she has become very ill. she has progressing heart failure that is not going to get better. We went on holiday and sent her to the cattery while we were away. She also has very poorly eyes and when we took her home she could not see anything at all and was just walking into the wall, and got scared anytime you tried to stroke her or get near her. My mom says she will have her put to sleep tomorrow and I dont mind because I dont want her to suffer but I think when shes gone I will feel guilty and upset. I have had a lot of memories with this cat and she helped me get over depression (Stupid I know) My mom and dad dont want anymore pets either and no matter how much I ask the answer is always no. So how will I get over her after she has been put to sleep tomorrow??

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Would it be ok to leave my cats in a large dog cage for a week with plenty of food and water?

Beth Asked: Would it be ok to leave my cats in a large dog cage for a week with plenty of food and water?

I'm going on holiday in August for a week and I was going to put my cats in the only local cattery (the next closest one is over 40 miles away) but I heard from other people their cats had gone missing from there and two of them still haven't found theirs.

I do not want my cats to go missing, I would be utterly devastated , I love my cats to bits. That's why I've decided not to put my cats in the cattery.

I live in a pretty rural area , there's nothing but countryside for miles. All of my family and friends live pretty far away, the closest to me is my sister who lives 23 miles from me. She has 3 kids including a 3 week old baby so there's no way I can ask her to come down everyday to feed my cats, Its just too much for her to handle.

So I've been thinking , I have 2 very large dog cages (5 of my friends can fit into each) , and if I put 1 cat in each , leave plenty of wet cat food, dry cat food and water. Would they be ok?

I do not want do leave them on their own for 7 days but I feel it's my only choice.

What are your suggestions?

Thank you.

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Posted by admin - June 4, 2012 at 8:47 am

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My cat is not settling down after me being away?

asdf123 Asked: My cat is not settling down after me being away?

I went away for 4 nights, I left my cat, Sophie, at a cattery while I was away. I picked her up Monday morning, and she seems a bit unsettled. She seems very dependant on me, and keeps meowing and wanting my attention. I can't go to the toilet in peace without her scratching and meowing at the door! She has been waking up at 5am and coming in my bed wanting cuddle and meowing loudly When she doesn't get them, i live in an apartment, and the neighbours can hear her and are getting angry. She's not in heat or anything like that, she is spayed. Do you think she is just a bit unsettled from being moved around?

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Posted by admin - May 29, 2012 at 12:42 pm

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Is it normal to love a cat so much?

asdf123 Asked: Is it normal to love a cat so much?

I love my cat so much, I have had her almost 2 months. Like when I'm at work all I do is think of her, and I had to go away for 4 days and I left her at the cattery, and I suffered from separation anxiety. I am pretty sure she did too, coz when she got home, she would not leave my side, she wouldn't even let me go to the toilet, she would meowing and cry if I closed the door on her lol. We have cuddle sessions that last up to two hrs in the morning, I don't get up for like 1 to 2 hrs coz we don't want to stop cuddling. Of course thats different when i have to go to work. Sometimes I think my partner is jealous of her. Is it normal for a cat and her owner to love each other like this. I mean, I love her like she is actually a human being, like she is my child.

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Posted by admin - May 23, 2012 at 4:21 pm

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My cat won’t stop meowing after me being away?

asdf123 Asked: My cat won’t stop meowing after me being away?

I left my cat in a boarding cattery for 4 nights while I had to go away. She is just over 5mths old. Not in heat, as she has been spayed about 11days ago. She just won't stop meowing since I brought her home, won't play with her favourite toys or anything. Just sits all over me and meows. Could she be sick? Or has she just missed me a lot? It's the first time we have been apart, so I don't know how cats usually act when their owners leave for a few days. What's wrong with kitty? If you have had similar thing happen, how long did it take her to calm down? Will choose best answer in about an hour 🙂 thank you

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