Going on holiday – what about the cat?

Adam Asked: Going on holiday – what about the cat?

We are going on holiday but what shall we do about the cat? She is stray cat and we can't book her into a cattery and we have no cat flap she just meows when she wants to go out. We do have a shed that she goes in sometimes so we put down carpet and nice padding and a bed for her. will she be ok in there if my neighbors come feed her?


s Answered:
yes she will be ok

Annabel Answered:
Yeah I would say that would be ok, just make sure s/he doesn't feel lonely or stuff like that.

Donnie Porko Answered:
she'll be fine as long as the neighbor gives her food and water each day.

Chelsea FC Answered:
If you let her into your house she's not really a stray anymore.

Yes, if your neighbors can get her food and water and keep an eye on her to be sure she's not hurt, she'll be ok.
It would be best if she could stay inside the house (if you have enough time to get her litter box trained before you leave) This way there's not a chance of some other animal eating the food or hurting her.

Sarah Answered:
personally i think she will be ok as long as your neightbors take care of her and dont let the cat be stuck in a shed eveyday
ask the neighbours if they dident mind to take her out for some fresh air or once in a while or somethin

t Answered:
I agree with Chelsea, if your cat comes inside she is no longer a stray.
If she is potty trained you could keep her inside and have a neighbor come feed and check on her. If you want to keep her outside because she primarily stays outside then you could have a neighbor feed her but pick up the food after she is done so as not to attract other wild/domestic animals. If you are gone longer than a week I would suggest your neighbor that feeds her also spend time with her so she doesn't wander off thinking you have left permanently.

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