cat previous owners demand cat back after 15 months.?

Claire Asked: cat previous owners demand cat back after 15 months.?

I was volunteering at a kennels for a year from 2010-2011, a couple of months before i left i told my supervisor i would be willing to rehome one of their resident cats that was constantly in the cattery as it was getting into fights with her sister and was being bullied by one of the other cats. There were 4 resident cats in total including the cat i now have. My supervisor phoned the managers to ask them as the cat previously belonged to their daughter. When i suggested i was willing to have her they wanted me to take her straight away however i had to decline as i wanted to get extra food, litter and tray in before doing so, so told them i would take her next time i came to work.

At the time i was at college and doing volunteer work.
The managers were quite nasty when i left because when i told my supervisor the date i would be leaving, i stupidly thought she would tell the managers seeing as i never saw them on my two volunteer days so when i didn't turn up for work they thought i just wasn't turning up. When they got in touch with me i told them i told the supervisor three weeks prior on several occasions and they said well she says you didn't and anyway you should give two months notice (this is volunteer work remember), i worked out from the 2 months notice that what they were angry about was that i wouldn't be volunteering over the summer period (peek season). I wouldn't have minded so much but during my time there three people left and they didn't employing any new staff just using two volunteers and one full time member of staff and two weekend staff and the supervisor. My two work days consisted of me (work experience person so inexperienced) one full time staff who also had to do grooming as well as reception and kennel work and the supervisor (who worked on reception but didn't like to be left alone for long periods). To supervise up to 90 cats and dogs they and a few rabbits and other small animals, they do very well so there was always at least 50 cats and dogs all together and some rabbits. And was expected to do maintenance work to all areas which i know is all part of the job but it needs more than two people in my opinion.

Basically before i left my supervisor told me to put my details on a piece of paper such as name address and phone number and she said she would give it the managers so that they could change the cats microchip details.
Now that she is settled and getting on with my other cat i would like to get the microchip details changed however I'm a little worried they will demand her back out of spite.
Can they do this? i've had her for around 15 months now and she was at the kennels a couple of years to my knowledge.
I want to contact the kennels to ask about changing her chip details but i'm a little worried they will ask for her back, am i just being silly?


Blackcat Answered:
I didn't read this entire novel because most of it had nothing to do with the question.

If you didn't sign adoption papers for these cats and were fostering them in your home they are not your property – you need to return them to the shelter.If that wasn't your question then please delete and repost it so we can understand what the hell you're trying to ask.

Mercy Mercy Mr Percy Answered:
1.Don't deal with them unless you have to.Find out from your vet how to contact them.It's probably Home Again or AVID.Let the vet scan the cat and help you contact the microchip company to register.My girlfriend found a dog that was microchipped but not registered so she kept the dog and registered him herself.You don't need the other people.

2.When you want to leave a job, any job volunteer or paid, you owe them a 2-week notice if at all possible.Never do it verbally.Always give them a written letter saying this is your notice and then follow up with an e-mail.At least with an e-mail you have proof it went and the date and if you set up your e-mail program also a notice when they open it.

Since this was strictly volunteer don't even put it on your resume and nobody can create problems for you.

Mircat Answered:
Why don't you make an appointment with the vet to have your cat microchipped?Avoid the people who gave you so much trouble.
Actually they can't demand her back and if they say they want her back you can say no.I doubt they could or would do this.
If you are really worried go elsewhere to have her rechipped.

Bonnie Angel Answered:
You'd be better off changing microchip details yourself. Can't you get the cat's microchip documents from these people? Just phone them and ask them for the documents. Why would they ask for the cat back after she's been with you for so long? And they seem to have enough animals to look after already! They're not going to want an extra one. Go for it. Even if they DO ask for her back, you can say NO.

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